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All you need for remote business

About The Solution

Partners Solutions offer software and hardware for Internet-based remote business applications. We do all you need to make your business effective when operates remotely. Our mission is to switch traditional businesses of any size to the modern way of Internet-based technologies, remote methods and approaches.

We have products for three main types of businesses, having the most troubles in changing to online lifestyle.

Retail is one of the hardest areas to switch from traditional to online style. If you trade offline for a long period of time, it is dramatically heavy to change the mindset. We historically help retailers in their transformation to the cutting edge approach in their business. Remote customer communications, dynamic pricing and immersive store experience is what we offer to retailers of any size and almost any kind.

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Sports. Normally sports assume stadiums, arenas and direct communications between athletes and fans. TV has only interest in World class competitions and top popular kinds of sports. However, things are changing, now remote seeing of sports and virtual presence can give more impression than direct being next to athletes. We offer immersive video broadcasting, machine-based analytics and augmented reality that makes remote viewing of competitions more entertaining, informative and impressing that physical presence.

Schools, universities and regular enterprises doing a lot of communication-related works and needing persistent and reliable interaction between people. Our toolset Dynamics Right Now gives all you need to start working remotely right now: video conferencing, cloud storage, calls, text messaging and email service. All is your private installation not referring and relying to any external resources.

It does not matter what you do, what's the size of your business and how competent are you in computer technologies. We always help you convert your business to become effective in the new online-based reality.

Our Offers
Set of online applications for seamless instant remote work

  • Video conferencing
  • Cloud storage with web based office app
  • Text messages and internet calls
  • Private email service
  • Video conferencing
    Like Zoom and Skype, but simply yours. Hosted by you and available for free ever.
    Cloud Storage
    Like Dropbox, but keeping your files on your computers. With online office tools including documents, sheets and presentations
    Secured text messages and calls
    Your own alternative for WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. Does the same, but just for you. Does not share data with anybody else.
    Email service
    Your own email server. Like Yahoo or GMail, but yours again. Your business emails doesn't leave your company safety contour.
    Open Technologies - Continuous Support
    Built on trusted and validated technologies, protocols and software modules. Customized and supported by one of the best professional teams. Right now, right here.

    Our News

    To change the World of sports business we work every day, all time, non-stop
    May 31, 2020

    Dynamics - Right Now is actually released for public use

    You can obtain it electronically for free or by mail for $20 (USA customers, international clients should add shipping costs). We don't make money on it, just extended support is a subject to pay for if you choose this option.

    Jun 2nd, 2020

    We started the new phase of our Smart Hockey Puck project: field tests are actually ongoing. Thanks to our engineering team, the design, development and lab test phases are finally completed.

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