Ultra Wide View Camera

Ultra Wide View Camera

K&K Sports design and produces Ultra Wide View Camera to capture video of entire game field from a single view point.

Ultra wide view camera lets gather video of more than 16K pixels with 180 degrees horizontal and 15 degrees vertical resolution. It is required to see the entire field and capture video information about all players and events all the time. The camera help machine learning algorithms do continuous and seampless analysis of the game or training without manual operations of several cameras or pre-captured video clips synchronization.

Ultra wide view camera contains 8 to 16 lens for minumum image distortion and extremally high resolution. It lets gather full HD vertically and 16K horizontally that allows analysis of individual movements of every soccer player (for example).

Ultra wide view camera only supports non-real time cloud-based stitching and post-processing. It is not designed for real time video streaming, TV or content distribution, but for manual and especially machine-based analysis and statistics gathering.

Normally distributed in a package with cloud solution.

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