Dynamics - Right Now

Dynamics Right Now

Dynamics - Right Now is a software package that makes remote job easy, convenient and secure. It contains the required minumum of tools that helps doing the most actual everyday activities.

VConf self-hosted videoconferencing, that makes your own Zoom-like service and lets you meet your employeers, students or other attendees together online without using of third party services, paying extra costs, making subscriptions and sharing data with people not being related to your business.

Cloud self-hosted file storage and shared documents processing that lets you keep, share and organize your files on Dropbox or Google Drive manner keeping everything secured on your own server.

Messenger self-hosted service of messaging, file transfer and voice calls similar to Whatsapp and Viber, but providing more security and confidence. It can be configured to only service your users and encrypt all information going through. Being located on your servers it doesn't share data to any third party agents and your sensitive communications remain yours.

Email self-hosted multidomain email server. Contains email managing software with web interface support, compatible with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP clients and provides all required functionality to make your own mail host servicing any number of end user accounts.

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