Internet of Things

Internet of Things

K&K Sports design and produces multiple IoT solutions for digital analysis in sports

Ultra wide view camera lets capture entire game field analysing every player all the time. In contrast to alternate camera solutions, K&K Sports made its camera cheap, compact and easy in use. You can simply install it and connect to our Sports Analysis Cloud, it integrates seamlessy.

In an alliance of our electronics manufacturing partners we implement sports tracker enabling team management with detailed and real time information about all players locations and activities including coordinates, speed, accelerations, contacts and health parameters. The device is water proof and fully wireless, enabled with GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy adapters as well as up to date wireless charger.

In addition to our pre-developed products we do custom development of sports related IoT devices specially adapted for the given kind of sports. Our speciality is wireless communications including low energy long time use devices, health and activity monitors.

Hi quality. Low power. Reasonable price

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